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International Karaoke

Looking for professional Karaoke Machine systems and the International karaoke music? We have you covered! with SingMasters.

SingMasters is the World's leading Karaoke Systems brand,providing devices and content to customers across the world. SingMasters is a multi language Next Generation complete home Entertainment system prepared for hobbyist,as well as the Professional Singers.

The song collection available in 30 different languages like English,Hindi,Nepali,Regional Indian,Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi ,Malayalam ,Tamil ,Telugu ,Urdu ,Pakistani ,Kannada ,Gujarati ,Konkani , Philippines ,Chinese ,Indonesian,Thai ,French ,Vietnamese , Japanese , Spanish, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Italian,German and lot more...We are the first in the industry who provides a variety of karaoke songs in the same karaoke device.

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