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About Us

SingMasters® is a premier developer,manufacturer,retailer and one of largest distributor in the world specializing in the entertainment industry. After the establishment of SingMasters, the company quickly became one of the largest and most respected developers of multi-language portable karaoke entertainment systems. By focusing on providing enjoyable entertainment experiences, SingMasters has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception.

Our loyal customers and partners have helped SingMasters serve more than 30 countries and continues to grow faster than ever.We are committed to deliver the best entertainment products to your friends and family.

Who We Are

SingMasters has brought Revolution in the Singing industry. We provide compact easy-to-operate professional karaoke equipment packed with the features and functionality that is required for singing regardless you are a hobbyist of professional singer. Singers can now have an instant party anywhere and anytime. So, wake up the singers within you and awaken the aspire by singing, Let the whole world know what you have.

Why Karaoke?

In today's world with so much of pressure a person could handle, singing karaoke songs seems to be a quick fix and rewarding things to do. Karaoke is a cheerful and healthy activity that grants numerous benefits that you may not notice. Karaoke would be one of the events for any celebration like an anniversary, birthday or a company outing or for fun. You do not have to be an excellent singer. Karaoke is meant for everyone to enjoy singing Karaoke helps to practice your singing besides de-stressing. If you would like to sing in front of a crowd or group for a special occasion, karaoke is the easiest way to go. Karaoke singing also helps families, relatives and friends to stay closer. Karaoke sessions bring a new kind of happiness and joyful laughter. At times it is good to do things as a family and this is when karaoke plays a part.

Why SingMasters?

SingMasters is the World's leading karaoke brand, providing devices and content to across the world, with customers spread across the world.

Our huge library selection includes over 50,000 karaoke titles in 30 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Thai, Japanese, German, French, Indonesian, Italian, Hindi,Indian Regional,Nepali,Brazilian, Greek, Portuguese, and lot more. We are in the business of entertaining you and your guests, so we want to make every moment of your shopping and singing experience memorable and enjoyable!

We strive to provide the best customer experience what ever you purchase from us. You get the best customer service, after sales support and a brand you can trust. We provide you the tracks with excellent sound quality and high performance which justifies our motto "Sing your heart out!!!".

When you shop with SingMasters- you're not just buying a product, you're buying a service and life time support.

All SingMasters products comes with 1 years International warranty and life time 24/7 customer support.