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20 Best Hindi Karaoke Songs with Lyrics

20 Best Hindi Karaoke Songs with Lyrics

In case you were wondering how to make your social gatherings more fun, we suggest you throw a karaoke party and sing some of the best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics.

The origins of karaoke are traced to Japan, where it first appeared in the 1970s. Nowadays, karaoke represents a worldwide phenomenon. The world has embraced karaoke as a source of entertainment and fun in a relatively short period of time. We, at Insider Monkey too, recognize its potential for making our dull days more fun which is why we write and publish articles about it. Last time we offered you the list of the Best English Karaoke Songs with Lyrics and this time we are bringing you the list of 20 best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics. The list contains some of the latest Hindi karaoke songs, as well as some of the old Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics, offering something for everyone.

There is something fun about watching your friend go up on a small stage, under the influence of a couple of beers he drank to numb his senses, and seeing him perform his favorite song while showing off his best moves. The fact that he misses most of the notes and sounds like a cat that’s being dragged over the floor is simply irrelevant. What matters is that everyone gets to live the life of a pop star and forget about their daily worries, even if it be for ten minutes. Karaoke Hindi songs by Kishore Kushmar are definitely dominating the list, so our guess is, your friend would probably sing one of these songs.

If all of the standard activities your social group indulges in have become somewhat boring, we suggest you throw a karaoke party at a pub you regularly go to or at your place. Wherever it is you decide to meet, it is granted you will have fun, especially if you sing the songs from our list of 20 best Hindi karaoke songs with lyrics. To create the list we referred to Red karaoke and Mergana, where we managed to observe which Hindi karaoke songs are the most popular. These are the web pages where you can find free karaoke Hindi songs with lyrics. Let’s check them out and sing along together!