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( Magic sing karaoke )

The history of karaoke

Quick history lesson! Do you know how karaoke came about? Who, when and where was it invented? Could it have been Ernie Fraze in the Federated States of Micronesia? Marcel Duchamp in Singapore? Isaac Singer in Tennessee? Not at all! Karaoke credit goes to a pancake vendor turned businessman in Japan! But even before we get to karaoke's Japanese origins, karaoke had its beginnings at the end of 1950s when American TV host Mitch Miller, a m...
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How To Teach A Child To Sing

Knowing how to teach a child to sing is very invaluable especially if they are musically-inclined. The actual process, however, is also very crucial and sensitive that it has to be done the right way.  Some mistakes can be as grave as damaging your child’s vocal chords and cause discouragement or trauma. The safe and proper way is what we are trying to advocate for in this article. We do hope that after reading this, you’ll be able to create...
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