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Best Karaoke Machine brand in India in 2019 is SingMasters

Best Karaoke Machine brand in India in 2019 is SingMasters

Karaoke machines are great piece of equipment to enhance entertainment in your daily lives or for a get together or a party at home. They let people sing along songs while reading the lyrics off the screen. The technological development nowadays has aided companies to manufacture high quality karaoke machines which can be used easily. Normally good quality karaoke machines are around INR 10,000 and above. We have compared most of the top selling Karaoke system for home and professional use in India.

They are used at home, in pubs or bars for a party or wedding function. Portable karaoke machines have become really common as you can easily carry them to a friend’s home just for extra fun over there. Friends and family get involved in this entertainment for many hours. It is a family friendly entertainment.


Features of karaoke machine

  • Able to record karaoke session
  • Save songs from USB drive or SD cards
  • Upload songs to USB drive or SD cards
  • Modify sound of your voice
  • Stream music directly from MP3 player; no need to download it first
  • Audio adjustment controls
  • Attach instrument with it

4 types of karaoke machines:

  1. Microphone karaoke machines: these are microphones with preloaded songs already installed in to the microphone; you can add latest songs to it through a cartilage. You can connect the microphone with your television and the lyrics will be displayed on the screen. Some microphone karaoke machines have a LCD on it to display the lyrics on it. They are mostly operated by batteries.
  2. Pocket karaoke machines: these are small handheld machines with thousands of preloaded MP3s and videos which you can carry in your pocket. You can connect it with your television but it has a LCD screen too. You can additionally buy a digital voice recorder or a digital mixer for adjustment of sounds.
  3. CD karaoke machines: a karaoke formatted CD-G disk is inserted in to it for music playback. It is just like a CD player. It can be connected with your television. Amplifier can be bought additionally with it for sound enhancement.
  4. All in One karaoke machines: it has all pieces such as CD player, MP3 hard drive, microphone and speakers needed for a karaoke machine. You can connect it with your television for the lyrics to be displayed on the screen. But these karaoke machines are not much portable.

What to look for when buying a karaoke machine?

To add extra fun to any kind of party or some other events or any get-together, Karaoke machines will act as a wonderful part. Karaoke machines are easy for anybody to use, nowadays competitive technological advances in creating high-quality karaoke equipment’s. These karaoke machines offer varied features, which includes, record in the session, save & upload songs to a USB drive or SD card & able to adjust sounds. Recently in market, there are increasing number of portable karaoke machines, which in turn makes fulfilled with you to a friend in any party. If you are looking for a Karaoke machine which fulfills all your requirement along with lower-budget options, then before considering a machine one should look over what are all features it was going to cover.

  1. Music Source: A good karaoke machine should have multiple music sources and should support all types of formats. It is worth paying extra money for this feature. You should be able to play music from your computer, smart phones, tablets, SD cards or USB ports. Few of the karaoke machines have  built in songs in thousands but usually you wouldn’t like all of them or they would not be in your desirable language.
  2. Setup: Generally, karaoke machines which are portable can be readily used, simply just plug and play; it is a worthwhile feature if you travel often. They are small and feasible.
  3. Accessories: A good karaoke machine should include microphone, connective cords. The accessories increase functioning of it.
  4. Audio quality: A karaoke machine with a good quality obviously has better audio quality. If the audio is better, it makes sound of any singer bearable. You can control bass, tone, pitch and other sound elements in most karaoke machines.
  5. Video graphics: As karaoke machines can be connected to the television to display the lyrics. It displays different graphics and background images on the screen. For children, make sure the graphics are suitable for their age. You can turn off graphics in some karaoke machines too.
  6. Portability: This feature should be considered for those who travel a lot and like to carry their karaoke machine with them to a friend’s house for added fun.
  7. Ratings: This allows the karaoke machine to rate your singing voice which can help to keep record of users’ growth. It is only available in some karaoke machines and can be costly.
  8. Strength: The higher the quality and price, better its durability. Use covers to protect your karaoke machine from dents and scratches.

How Karaoke Machine Work?

Usually all of us know about karaoke machine, where it can be used and how it can be used. But some of the people don’t know how it works and what are the important benefits related to the machine.

  • karaoke system can be attach with our TV system and also to our computer system.
  • After connecting to the karaoke system user should browse AV system in TV, then user can able to see the karaoke songs selection section and other options also.
  • Hence user can able to select the songs which they want to sing, after selecting the particular song music play in background of TV sound system & lyrics will be displayed on TV screen or computer screen.
  • So hence user can know the songs rhythms which they can sing that song in their real voice.

How can user know which Karaoke Machine is best for singing

Below mentioned are some of the important steps to be aware, when you are getting a Karaoke Music System.

  • User should have a good idea about songs collection whether they are old or new
  • How many songs are you getting with the Karaoke machine?
  • Most important is to display the scoring system with karaoke machine
  • Pitch Control should be available.
  • Songs Recording Facility should be available
  • Machine should be easy to access, easy songs search, etc.
  • Memory Space should be more in SD card
  • Echo Control Facility