Firmware update for SingMasters SM-500

Firmware update for SingMasters SM-500

Here is the link to download the firmware.

Firmware Download

Instructions to Install.

1. Extract the .zip file that you have downloaded.
2. Inside you will find the folder  "Update"

3. Take a separate SD card,connect it with the PC, copy the update folder and paste it in the SD card.
If you do not have a seperate SD card, you can also use the Song Card provided with the unit.
4. Connect the card with the unit and switch it on.
5. You will see on the screen that it automatically (Green screen)starts updating the firmware.Please don't power off or disconnect power to box while updating.
6. Once update is finished, it will reboot and come back to the main menu.
7. Connect the song card to enjoy your updated SingMasters Karaoke.
If you are using the song card for updating the firmware, then make sure that after the firmware is installed, you remove the "Update" Folder from the SD card, otherwise whenever you will start the system, it will install the firmware again.
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