Take a Look at our Portable Karaoke Machines in Stock!

Take a Look at our Portable Karaoke Machines in Stock!

With advancement in technology, you do not have to take the party to a Karaoke bar. Bring Karaoke to your party by acquiring one of our portable karaoke systems. The system has a CD player that plays CD+Graphics and music CDs. The Disco LED lights assist in creating an atmosphere that is fun. You can also view the song track on the two-digit LED display. The system has a built speaker that allows for convenience when playing back. You can play your own music by plugging your Mp3 player or Apple iPod in the line-in jack. Also, use RCA cables to connect the system to your TV where you can scroll the lyrics. The portable Karaoke machine allows for duet performances. This is possible through two microphones that have the recording function. The system also has an Auto Voice Control function that assists singers to sound their best. It also has the echo and balance controls to avoid sound interference via echoes. You can either connect the system to a power source or use it away from power source using eight C batteries. This makes it portable hence convenient. You can party in the woods and enjoy Karaoke. The system has a weight of 5.6lb. Do you have kids who love to sing? Then this is the perfect Easter gift. They can enjoy singing to their best songs as thy dance under the disco lights. If your kid is shy, this is the best toy for him or her. It will give him or her confidence and bring out the best in them. The system is not complicated. It is easy to set up and use and before you know it you are dancing to your best song as you sing it.

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