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Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Shipping?

What is the warranty on your machines?

Order and Shipping Questions

Sound/Voice delay

NO picture/display on TV from SingMasters SM-500 Player?

Procedure for Downloading & adding Karaoke Videos from YouTube into SingMasters

How to switch full Vocal ON/OFF?

How to enable Dual Live scoring for Singing competion?

Procedure for Copying the Recorded Songs From SingMasters to Laptop or PC

Recording & Exporting Your Singing Performance with SingMasters Karaoke

Pairing SingMasters SM-500 VHF wireless Mics

How to pair UHF wireless mics with SM500?

Using MP3+G Karaoke songs in SingMasters

How to adjust Key control,Tempo,Music,Mic,Echo volumes?

How to connect Smart TV with Party Box speaker for karaoke?

SM800 Mic pairing

SM800 YouTube play issue fix Firmware update

How to use YouTube singing in SM800?

How to Factory Reset SM800 Pro?

FM station not clear in P30/P50/P80?

NO mic sound in P50 Speaker?

How to adjust Vol/Echo/Bass/Treble in PartyBox P50?

How to enable Mic priority on/off in P50?

How to connect Party Box P30/P50/P80 to Smart TV for karaoke?