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  • Karaoke Machines
    Karaoke Machines

    SingMasters has a wide range of karaoke machines including portable karaoke players which are the main entertainment systems of homes in several music loving countries. Order now !

  • International Karaoke
    International Karaoke

    Looking for professional Karaoke Machine systems and the International karaoke music? We have you covered! with SingMasters.

    30+ International language songs collection of 50,000+.SingMasters is the only multi lanaguage portable Next Generation karaoke systems.

  • Karaoke Upgrades Song Chips
    Karaoke Upgrades Song Chips

    Upgrade SD card Song Chips for SingMasters Karaoke.These songs chips SD card are for use only in SingMasters Karaoke Systems.

  • Microphones

    Best Microphones both wired and wireless for SingMasters Karaoke

  • Karaoke Accessories
    Karaoke Accessories

    Accessories used with SingMasters Karaoke Players like Wireless Mics, Speakers, Upgrades etc

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